Illustrations and Tables


An English Map of the American Colonies
Heidleberg Township in the Colony of Pennsylvania
Estate Inventory of Ludwig Botner of Heidleberg
The Township Sites in Colonial South Carolina
Back Country Settlement
Amelia Township and the Cherokee Path
Plat of Lewis Botner’s Land in Amelia Township
Bottner’s Receipt for Services in the Cherokee War
The South Carolina Back Country in 1766
Botner’s Unclaimed Grant near Saluda O1d Town
Plat of Lewis Botner’s Land in Edgefield   Country
Edgefield, Newberry, and Fairfield   Counties
Early Settlers on the Saluda River
Plat of Edward Smith’s 1774 Grant on Rocky Creek
An 1820 Map of Fairfield County
Ludwig’s New Home and 3rd Regiment Quarters
Petition of Lewis Boltner to the South Carolina Senate, 1789
Plat of Ludwig’s Remaining 925 Acres in Fairfield
The Will of Lewis Bortner
The Estate Inventory of Lewis Bortner
The South Carolina Residences of Ludwig’s Sons


How Many Boatner’s ?
Children and Grandchildren of Ludwig Boatner’s Sons
A Plat of Elias Boatner’s 1,657 Acres on the Saluda River, Which He Sold in 1815
The Residences of Jacob and Elias Boatner and Their Children
The Homes of Early Boatners in Louisiana c1850-1900
A Map of Western Sumter County (1825)
The Boatners of Sumter and Newberry Counties
Southern Destination’s of the Boatners of Sumter and Newberry Counties
The Graves of John and Rachel Boatner
John W. Boatner’s Message to His Children
Boatners in the Civil War
The Destination of Solomon Boatner’s Family
Heads of Black Households in the 1880 Census

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