I would like to personally welcome you to the web site we have set up specifically for the use of all Boatners around the country. This has been a dream of mine for many years and with the help and encouragement of Paula S. Felder (author of Ludwig Bottner and His Sons) and Mark M. Boatner III (noted military historian and researcher and author of many books on various wars) and the efforts of a number of enthusiastic researchers, most notably Alice Craft, this web site is being launched. This is a developing site and will only be as good as the input we receive from all of you, out there. We encourage your input of any information which you have on the history of the Boatners. We particularly encourage that Boatners from across the country send original (or copies of original) letters, diaries, birth certificates, marriage announcements, death certificates, or any information which will allow the Boatner story to be told.

Paul Boatner

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